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Lucius' Recommendations

d'you call this a journal???

Weekly Lucius Malfoy News and Recs
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This journal will currently not be active, due to LJ's attitude towards HP fandom. Membership is now closed.

You can find us at InsaneJournal in the future, or look for us on the ship site Malfoy Manor (malfoymanor.co.uk)
Updates of our wips can be found here, or in our personal journals on IJ.

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If you need to contact us, you can leave a message here.

Welcome, Mudbloods!

Misled wizards and witches have been spreading lies about me for far too long. I am going to lead you out of your delusional state and help you discover the truth!

I will once a week tell you which Lucius-fics to read and which Lucius-art to enjoy. We Malfoys are widely recognized as connaisseurs. Our sense of what is appropriate is flawless, our upbringing impeccable and our knowledge of art, literature and music is immense.

Therefore I give you:
Lucius Malfoy's Personal Recommendations List
- with comments on Art, Literature and the World as seen from Azkaban Malfoy Manor

Only the best, the hottest or - to contradict lies spread by filthy Mudbloods - the most untrue will be recommended. A Malfoy only offers the best. Nothing less.

- o -

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